Ben Murphy (ben_murphy) wrote in winvista,
Ben Murphy

In the somewhat distant future, about four months or so....

Okay, I just got a new job, and I'm looking to build a new desktop at some point. My assumption is that Vista will probably be the only option with any future behind it, but I'm a little apprehensive about all the issues that people are griping about in relation to Vista.

Here are the issues that I am most concerned about:
1. Recognition of hardware.
2. Use of 64-bit - I have heard that use of the 64-bit versions simply makes the issues compounded
3. Being able to use the following titles:
A. City of Heroes
B. World of Warcraft
C. Neverwinter 2
D. Unreal 3
E. Crysis
F. Any of my older legacy games
G. OpenOffice/Firefox/Thunderbird

How real were the compatibility/driver issues?
How is the 64-bit version?
Is Microsoft moving quickly to address the issues that have been reported, in your opinion?

Also, which of these versions should I get? Why are they so goofily divided and expensive? Am I missing out on much if I just go with the Home Basic -- just to be clear, I now run XP Home/Pro with pretty much all of the eye candy turned off. I'd like a very minimalist sort of desktop. I like the functionality of Vista, but I would like it to basically feel as much like 2000 as is possible.
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