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Lost Internet Connection

Hi, I'm dual-booting XP Home and Vista Home Premium Trial Version, with each OS on a separate hard drive. For the first few days with this setup my Internet connectivity was fine. After three or four days, XP still connected to the Internet, but Vista would not. I used Vista's Network Connection options to diagnose the problem (it couldn't detect a problem) and to flush the DNS cache, renew the IP address, etc. It was unable to renew the IP address, but neither of my OSs has ever been able to renew it, even when nothing is wrong (weird, huh, but true).

Why would Vista suddenly lose connectivity while XP sails along just fine with no problem connecting at all? What can I do to fix Vista's connection? Has anyone ever even had this problem besides me?

Some background info: I used the Vista install solely to test AOL on it. I installed multiple copies of AOL to figure out how to remove them in various states of corruption so I could write a tutorial about it for my LJ. Vista continued to connect until I removed the last of the AOL software, conking out shortly after that. I figured I'd hosed my normal Administrator account with all the AOL crap I put on it, so I switched to the hidden "super-administrator" account to see if that fixed the problem, but still Vista will not connect.

Edit: I forgot one detail in the OP that might make a difference: I was surfing the Web with Firefox for over an hour when I lost the connection on Vista just-like-that. I tried to open like my 23rd tab of the evening in Firefox and couldn't, that's when it was gone. It just makes no sense at all, how it konked out while I was actually surfing, a day after I had removed the last of the AOL stuff.

More info: It's an older eMachines desktop (I think it was made in 2003) that connects to the Internet through a broadband cable modem; the modem is fine and has not even needed a reboot in at least six months. This is not an urgent problem, since I'm going to format the hard drive Vista is on within a month or two and turn it back into what it was: a storage drive for my music and movies. I'm merely curious as to how XP could have connectivity while Vista doesn't, and would like to know what the fix is in case this happens again. Thanks.

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